Instrumentation - iEES Paris

The IEES instrumentation technical platform helps support the teams scientific projects by offering services focused on scientific instrumentation.


Objective :


1. Instrumental Development:

The platform works in close collaboration with researchers to design and improve instruments adapted to the specific needs of their ecology projects.


2. Assistance with Instrument Selection and Deployment:

Specialist advice is provided to help choose the most appropriate instruments based on the research objectives. The platform guides the selection process and ensures efficient deployment of equipment in the field or laboratory.


3. Collaboration and Exchange of Ideas:

The instrumentation platform creates an environment favoring the exchange of ideas between researchers, also promoting collaboration between the different teams.


4. Supervision :

Doctoral students and interns benefit from dedicated technical support for the realization of their projects.


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Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, cc237
4 Place Jussieu, 75005 PARIS


Achievements and projects :

Low-cost smart irrigation – IEES contact : Christian Hartmann

In the PRIMA INTEL-IRRIS project for optimized irrigation targeting smallholders communities in Algeria & Morocco (, IRD & UPPA developed a cost-effective and generic hardware platform to connect various types of soil sensors. The board has embedded long-range radio transmission using LoRa to send data to a gateway for real-time data collection. The latest board has also embedded solar charging capabilities, while using 2 AA alkaline batteries is still possible when solar panel is not desirable and/or rechargeable batteries are not easily available. Latest news can be found on