Emma Jacquin Joly

Agricultural Ministers’ Conference of the Date Producing and Processing Countries

Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly was invited to give a talk at the agricultural ministers’ conference of date producing and processing countries around the world, organized in Adu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on February 26 and 27, 2024. Her presentation focused on the possibility of combating the red palm weevil through a better knowledge of its odorant receptors, and in particular its pheromone aggregation odorant receptor.

Cette photo montre un collembole Folsomia candida adulte mesurant environ 2mm de long.

Diversity, plasticity and asynchrony of senescence in the Collembola Folsomia candida

Flourishing recent comparative studies on senescence have revealed an uncovered diversity across the tree of life of the shapes of the age trajectories of mortality (actuarial senescence) and to a lesser extent of reproduction (reproductive senescence). Evolutionary theories have been called up to explain why some species suffer from positive senescence while others benefit from […]

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Massol François


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How can research for biodiversity allow us to draw inspiration from it and live in harmony with it? | FRB

Discover the answer of Luc Abbadie, emeritus professor of ecology at Sorbonne University and former director of iEES-Paris.

Carbon sinks, an opportunity for the climate | CNRS

With the participation of Cornelia Rumpel (CNRS), biogeochemist and Marie-Liesse Aubertin, doctoral student at iEES-Paris.



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Pheromone-mediated command from the female to male clock induces and synchronizes circadian rhythms of the moth Spodoptera littoralis

Ghosh S, Suray C, Bozzolan F, Palazzo A, Monsempès C, Lecouvreur F, Chatterjee A Current Biology, 2024

Land use determines the composition and stability of organic carbon in earthworm casts under tropical conditions

Song C, Bottinelli N, Tran TM, Ruiz F, Colombini G, Zi Y, Jouquet P, Rumpel C Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 2024

Maximizing soil organic carbon stocks through optimal ploughing and renewal strategies in (Ley) grassland

Hu T, Malone SL, Rumpel C, Chabbi A Communications in Earth and Environment, 2024

The urgency of building soils for Middle Eastern and North African countries: economic, environmental, and health solutions

Deeb M, Smagin AV, Pauleit S, Podwojewski P, Fouché-Grobla O, Groffman PM Science of the Total Environment, 2024