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  • A Robot to Track and Film Flying Insects


    Scientists from the CNRS, Université de Lorraine, and Inrae have developed the first cable-driven robot that can follow and interact with free-flying insects.

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  • Micro-geographic shift between negligible and actuarial senescence in a wild snake


    Researchers used 37 years of mark-recapture data in two nearby habitats inside a meadow viper Vipera ursinii population to quantify life expectancies, generation times and the shape of actuarial and reproductive senescence.

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  • Can participatory approaches strengthen the monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms in developing countries? Results from a pilot study conducted in the Lagoon Aghien (Ivory Coast)


    Based on the use of a smartphone application, the citizens of the three villages were invited to report water color changes, as these changes could reflect cyanobacteria proliferations.

  • CNRS Image - Video Carbon Sinks - Our climate's saving grace




Paname 2022: campaigns to study air quality and urban climate

Changes in air quality in urban and peri-urban areas; the impact of climate change on cities; the contribution of cities to greenhouse gas emissions; the effects of urban environments on extreme weather events, and the links between cities and the health of their inhabitants are all issues that will be examined by the ten scientific […]

Florence Débarre, CNRS bronze medal !

The bronze medal rewards initial research that has established a researcher as a specialist in their field. This distinction is a form of encouragement to pursue research that is already well underway and proving successful. Florence Débarre, CNRS researcher at iEES Paris, is one of the 2022 CNRS talents rewarded for her research in evolutionary ecology and epidemiology and its implications for better understanding the evolution of the COVID19 virus.

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About Publications

Our work is published in recognized and quality journals. A large part of our work is done in collaboration with other laboratories, in particular foreigners for 60% of our publications. We must underline the high number of review articles, which greatly contribute to the construction of general and theoretical knowledge, and which are often published in prestigious journals such as Trends in Ecology and Evolution , < i> Annual Reviews , Global Change Biology . or Advances in Ecological Research .

Termite graveyards. Hidden geochemical patches?

Jouquet Pascal, Bultelle Angélique, Djouraev Irina, Caquineau Sandrine, Hervé Vincent, Vasseur-Cognet MireilleSoil Biology and Biochemistry, 2022

In-Depth Proteomic Analysis of the Secondary Dormancy Induction by Hypoxia or High Temperature in Barley Grains

Cueff G., Rajjou L., Hoang H.H., Bailly C., Corbineau F., Leymarie J. Plant Cell Physiol, 2022

Soil macroinvertebrate communities: a worldwide assessment, sous presse

Patrick Lavelle, Jérôme Mathieu, Alister Spain, George Brown, Carlos Fragoso, Emmanuel Lapied , Adriana De Aquino, Isabelle Barois, Edmundo Barrios, Maria Eleusa Barros, Jose Camilo Bedan, Eric Blanchart, Mark Caulfield, Yamileth Chagueza, Jun Dai, Thibaud Decaëns, Anahi Dominguez, Yamileth Dominguez, Alexander Feijoo, Patricia Folgarait, Steven J. Fonte, Norma Gorosito, Esperanza Huerta, Juan Jose Jimenez, Courtland Kelly, Gladys Loranger, Robelio Marchão, Raphael Marichal, Catarina Praxedes, Leonardo Rodriguez, Guillaume Rousseau, Laurent Rousseau, Catalina Sanabria, Juan Carlos Suarez, Jerôme Ebagnerin Tondoh, Anne De Valença, Steven J. Vanek, Joel Vasquez, Elena Velasquez, Emily Webster, Chi ZhangGlobal Ecology and Biogeography, 2022

Spatial patterns of a savanna palm tree Borassus aethiopum and its temporal variability

Amara Sidiki Traoré, Kouadio Ignace Kouassi, Moussa Koné, Jacques Gignoux and Sébastien BarotJ Plant Ecol, 2022