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Teaching at the heart of the institute's concerns

The Studies Department at iEES Paris

IEES Paris trains in recent advances in ecology, evolutionary sciences, environmental sciences and ecological engineering in around ten higher education establishments in Ile de France. It provides more than 10,000 hours of training per year, from the first year of the bachelor’s degree to the doctorate, to which is added the supervision of around 40 doctoral students and more than 100 master’s and other interns.

The institute is attached to several doctoral schools:

The studies department at iEES Paris is mainly dedicated to the progress of thesis preparations, with the doctoral students concerned and their supervisor (s) for everything related to:

  • the composition of thesis committees, their proper functioning and their maintenance;
  • the direction also lists the strategies for promoting the results of the thesis envisaged: publications, presentations at conferences, etc. ;
  • the duration of the theses and any problems concerning their financing;
  • possible relational concerns between doctoral students and supervisors; as such, each doctoral student and supervisor can, if they wish, meet with the Director of Studies in order to take stock of the progress of the thesis.

The role of Director of Studies is not to replace the administration of the doctoral school to which the doctoral student is attached, but to ensure together that the doctoral contracts are carried out as best as possible at iEES Paris and, where applicable. if necessary, anticipate any problem in order to try to resolve it quickly.

Indeed, the Doctoral Schools want a thesis referent to be present in each of the units attached to them and this position of Head of Studies aims to fulfill this role.

☛ The teaching contact at iEES Paris is Isabelle DAJOZ, PU University of Paris.