Samuel Charberet

Thesis defense of Samuel Charberet

Animal-mediated terrestrial nutrientdynamics: investigating wastes, trophic transfer, and isotopicpatterns A zoom link will be available

Samuel Charberet, Doctorant Sorbonne Université, Equipe EERI du département DCFE Vous convie à la soutenance de sa thèse :   Animal-mediated terrestrial nutrient dynamics: investigating wastes, trophic transfer, and isotopic patterns     Le jury sera composé de :   Tanguy Daufresne Chargé de recherche HDR, INRAe Montpellier Rapporteur Marie-Élodie Perga Professeure, Université de Lausanne […]

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Cette photo montre un collembole Folsomia candida adulte mesurant environ 2mm de long.

Diversity, plasticity and asynchrony of senescence in the Collembola Folsomia candida

Flourishing recent comparative studies on senescence have revealed an uncovered diversity across the tree of life of the shapes of the age trajectories of mortality (actuarial senescence) and to a lesser extent of reproduction (reproductive senescence). Evolutionary theories have been called up to explain why some species suffer from positive senescence while others benefit from […]

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Worker size diversity does not improve colony success in the ant Temnothorax nylanderi

Social groups consist of individuals that differ from one another, and many studies show that this diversity improves group efficiency. In social insects, size diversity can, for example, improve the efficiency of foraging, nest building, brood rearing and production of young queens. Thus, colonies that re more diverse are generally also more efficient. Romain Honorio […]

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Environmental pulse disturbances disproportionately affect large body size species

Smaller organisms are typically more abundant than larger ones, which is a fundamental characteristic of ecological communities. How environmental pulse disturbances affect these « abundance pyramids » remains poorly understood. In a study recently published in Ecology Letters, researchers from iEES Paris and the University of Zürich showed that disturbances which are not size-selective still […]

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