Research - iEES Paris

iEES Paris
the institute for understanding,
understanding to predict,
predict to act !

iEES Paris aims at analysing and modeling the organization, functioning and evolution of ecological and environmental systems. It covers a wide range of skills :

♦ population dynamics and biodiversity,
♦ community ecology and ecosystems,
♦ microbial ecology,
♦ ecology of social organisms,
♦ evolutionary ecology and process of adaptation to the environment,
♦ ecology and communication mechanisms,
♦ soil sciences and water.

The objectives of the institute are focus on:


Analysing and modelling the structure, functioning and evolution of ecological systems for predictive ecology and environmental sciences.

Contributing to innovation in sustainable managementof biodiversity, ecosystems and biological resources and to development of global change adaptation strategies

Educating on recent advances in ecology, environmental sciences and ecological engineering.

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A multidisciplinary institute around environmental sciences