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biochars stockage en Carbone
Utilisation de biochars pour augmenter le potentiel de stockage en C de sols-GIRARDIN@UMR
What is ecological engineering?

Ecological engineering is the application of the principles of ecology to environmental management.
It is inspired by natural models and processes based on ecological interactions; it applies them while respecting their parameters and their procedures.

Why ecological engineering?

To avoid negative externalities in the management of (agro-) ecosystems, reform our production methods, restore contaminated sites and improve city life.

Topics covered
  • Use of plant varieties and communities to improve the sustainability of farming systems
  • Use of organic amendments to enrich soil functions
  • Improving the storage potential of C in soils
  • Development of smart fertilizers
  • Bio-control by studying the interactions of the hormonal system of insects
  • Design of sustainable ecological systems for agricultural and (peri-) urban areas
  • Creation of techno-soils and green infrastructure in cities
  • Development of bio-indicators for ozone monitoring
systèmes agricoles tropicaux
Amélioration de systèmes agricoles tropicaux-JOUQUET@UMR7618