Ecogeochemistry Platform - iEES Paris

The EcoGeoChemistry Plateform consists of a panel of scientifics equipments allowing the characterization of your media samples whether liquid, solid or gaseous. From the most basic analysis to a finer approach, you will have at your disposal adjusted and adjustable protocols to best match your expectations.
The technical team of the plateform is curious and dynamic. She will be at your disposal to provide you with the solutions adapted to your project, whether it be field work or laboratory work.
Below you will find a list of the scientific devices available and a brief description of them. Do not hesitate to contact the manager of the plateform (Yoan MARCANGELI) for any further information request.


Elemental analyzer Flash EA 1112 (Thermoelectron)

  • Analyseur élémentaire Flash EA1112Allows mass quantification of total carbon and total nitrogen for any liquid or solid sample. The organic and inorganic parts of each element can also be calculated after treatment.
  • The technique is based on oxidative combustion with Helium for vector gas and gas chromatography with TCD detector.
  • The sample requirement is low (only a few milligrams to a few tens of milligrams depending on the nature of the sample).

Organic carbon analyzer for liquid media TOC-V csh (Shimadzu)

  • Allows the quantification of total organic carbon as well as in its various forms (POC, NPOC..
  • Analyseur de carbone organiqueThe technique is based on 680°C oxidative combustion with gas chromatography and NDIR (Non Dispersive InfraRed) analysis.
  • Robust analysis allowing processing of a hundred samples per day.
  • Sampling bottles available, contact the plateform manager for more information

Continuous flux analyzer Futura (AMS Alliance)

  • Analyseur en Flux ContinuAllows the quantification, in liquid medium, of Total Phosphorus, Assimilable Phosphorus (orthophosphate), Ammonium, Total Nitrogen, Nitrate and Nitrite.
  • The technique is based on the fractionation of the samples and the passage of a fraction per analysis module. The analysis is based on colorimetry.
  • For solid samples, extraction protocols exist for each module. Allow a relatively long preparation time for analysis. The device can analyze up to 60 samples per hour.

Vapour pressure osmometer VAPOR 5600 (Elitechgroup, Wescor)

  • Allows the measurement of osmolality in liquid, viscous or tissue samples (plasma, sheet…).
  • The analysis is based on the measurement of the vapour pressure by a TCD detector. This allows osmolality to be achieved at room temperature, avoiding cryoscopic artifacts.
  • Robust analysis requires only 10 µL of sample (we can go down to 5 µL thanks to a protocol developed on the plateform).

Gaz analyzer FTIR DX4040 (GASMET)

  • Allows the quantification in a confined space of the following gases: N2O, CO2, NH3 and CH4
  • Based on FTIR technique (Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy).
  • For its use in the field, the plateform team has designed, in partnership with the company SISTEC, a 30cm diameter analysis chamber in high quality stainless steel.
  • The DX4040 can be carried as a backpack and on a Flying case.                

µGC  3000 (Agilent)

  • Allows gas analysis in the field as well as in the laboratory (requires helium for vector gas).
  • Based on a high capacity TCD detector and gaz chromatography
  • Available with a multi-lane smuggler.

Basic analyses achievable on the plateform

  • pH with pH meter and ThermoFischer Orion probe (pH KCl and water)
  • Moisture content (according to NF EN ISO 17892-1 December 2014)
  • Dry bulk density of soil ( according to NF EN ISO 11272 June 2017)

Sample preparation on the plateform

  • Mineralization
  • Grinding (ball, rotor, liquid nitrogen)
  • Drying (air or oven)
  • Weighing (RADWAG microbalance, land balance,…)
  • Incubation (incubation cabinet)
  • Carbonization (Nabertherm muffle furnace over 1000°C)




The Ecogeochimestry platform is located at 2e stage, 44-45 / 5e stage, 34-44

Pierre and Marie Curie Campus, cc237

4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris