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Ratha Muon nominated for the 2024 Innovation Awards

The names of the nine nominees have been revealed by the science and innovation juries. Discover their profiles and projects. Three winners, one per region, will be rewarded for their impactful and innovative projects. Among them, Ratha Muon PhD student from iEES Paris.

The selected projects focus on research themes that address societal challenges supported by IRD. They adopt an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach and offer significant added value compared to existing solutions.

For its second edition, the IRD will present the Innovation Awards during the “SCIENCE 4 ACTION” Forum, organized on October 7th at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille, as part of the celebrations of IRD’s 80th anniversary.

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Ratha Muon (Cambodia), PhD student at UMR iEES Paris

Understanding termite mound sustainability to enhance soil fertility

In Cambodia, termite mounds are commonly found in rice fields, appearing as earth mounds covered with trees and plants. Through her thesis, “Termite Bioturbation in Cambodia – From Characterization to Application,” Ratha Muon reveals that farmers value termite mounds for improving soil fertility. However, the density of these mounds is decreasing due to intensified agricultural practices and deforestation. With her project “Eco-Termite: Ecological Management of Termite Mounds for Sustainable Agriculture,” the young PhD student aims to develop sustainable solutions to preserve soil fertility and biodiversity.

Conducted at the long-term Chrey Bak observatory and the Cambodia Institute of Technology (ITC), the study includes three work modules:

  • Analyzing the properties of termite mound soil
  • Determining the optimal amount of termite mound soil to improve crop yields
  • Collaborating with farmers to ensure sustainable use of termite mounds

This work is supported by the ITC Soil Ecology Laboratory in collaboration with the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) and the REASOL and ECOTERM projects.

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