Growth chambers - iEES Paris

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This experimental platform allows the control of air humidity, soil, temperature and photoperiod for the production of perfectly homogeneous plants, for the study of molecular and physiological responses to ecological factors.


  • 3 climatic chambers, Adaptis A1000 models, Conviron brand. For all three, the light ballast is of the extra white compact fluorescent type (promotes biomass)
  • 2 climatic chambers, models S10H, Conviron brand.

Luminous ballasts

    • for one, fluorescent type tube (extra white, promotes growth);
    • for the second, high pressure sodium gas discharge lamp (orange lighting, mixed flowering / growth culture).

The S10H are particularly suitable for tall crops, the canopy reaching up to 1.5 m.

  • Precise and automatic watering device, controlled by computer (fitted on a single S10H, the latter having sodium lamps)
  • Ozone fumigation device (installed on a single Adaptis A1000, specifically equipped with stainless steel walls)
  • Ozone destroyer to treat the release from the fumigation chamber
  • Demineralized water supply center


The Phytotron is located at the University of Paris Est Créteil (UPEC), UFR of Science and Technology, Campus Center of Créteil, Building P.