Departments and teams - iEES Paris

The Research Teams have been grouped into 5 Departments according to their thematic center of gravity. The Departments are tools for displaying, strengthening and animating the disciplinary identities of IEES Paris. The Departments are responsible for the animation of their scientific sector, they prepare recruitment proposals and prioritize technical investments financed by common credits. They have their own budget.


Community Diversity and Ecosystem Functioning


Biogeography and Diversity of Interactions in Soil


Microbial Communities in Continental ecosystems


Ecology and Evolution of Interaction Networks


Integrative Ecology: from Mechanisms to Ecosystem services



Evolutionary Eco-Physiology


Social Species in their Environments : Adaptation and Evolution


Phenotypic variability and adaptation



Chemoreception and adaptation



Plant Adaptations to the Environmental Strength


Molecular Ecophysiology of Stresses plant



Fluxes and Forcing in the Critical Zone


Ecological Functioning of Temperate and tropical Soils