Microbial Communities in Continental ecosystems “CoMIC” Team

Team news Team publications Team members The CoMiC team studies microbial communities in continental terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in an interdisciplinary framework that combines microbiology, comparative genomics, metagenomics, chemistry, ecology, health, environmental sciences and social sciences. More specifically, our research focuses on (i) the vulnerability of microbial communities to disturbances and pollutants induced by human […]

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Making better use of the third dimension of agricultural land to sustainably intensify agricultural production

In this prospective article, an international consortium coordinated by researchers from the University of Copenhagen examines the prospects for using the “third dimension” of agricultural land, i.e. the possibility, without resorting to new land, of increasing the volume of soil exploited by the root system of crops, thereby increasing the resource base available for agricultural production while minimizing the undesirable externalities frequently associated with current agroecosystems.

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