Handing over of equipment to DALaM and MouNoy Dev

Thanks to its close partnerships with Laotian structures, IRD is providing equipment to the DALaM research centre and to the MouNoy Dev straat-up.

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As part of the long-term collaboration between IRD (UMR iEES-Paris et GET) and its Lao partners, The French Research Institute donated research/production equipment in January 2022 to two local structures. A soil sampling kit was given to the Center of Soil, Plant and Fertilizer analyses of the Department of Agricultural Land Management, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (DALaM).

Remise d’un kit d’échantillonnage des sols par Alain Pierret et Norbert Silvera (iEES Paris, équipe CoMiC DCFE et équipe F2ZC Sols_ZC) avec Xaysatith Souliyavongsa et Vansouk Chaisaosulipon(DALaM).© IRD Laos

The close relationship between Lao partners and IRD has resulted in the implementation of several partnership instruments such as JEAI-EcoRubber, LMI LUSES, and more recently PSF-Sud AgreesLao, GDRI CompacSol, as well as CZO M-TROPICS and SEALNET.

A 3D printer was also offered to the electronics and IT development start-up MouNoy Dev.


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