Organization of the 11th International Workshop on Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Lepidoptera

Emmanuelle d’Alençon (UMR DGIMI, Montpellier) and Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly (UMR iEES-Paris CReA –EcoSens, Versailles) had the pleasure of organizing the 11th international workshop on the molecular biology and genomics of the Lepidoptera. For nearly 30 years, this workshop has brought together the international scientific community working on butterflies and moths every 3 years. Thirteen nationalities met this year at the Orthodox Academy of Crete around various themes such as genetics and evolution, development and differentiation, physiology and behavior, functional genomics, pathology and biocontrol. This workshop benefited from the financial support of the SPE department of INRAE and the ADALEP network.

🔗 https://lepidoptera-2022.workshop.inrae.fr/

Participants 11th International Workshop 2022

participants 2022

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