Christian Peeters

Death of our colleague Christian Peeters

We were saddened to learn on this the 1st day of September that our colleague and friend Christian Peeters, CNRS senior scientist at iEES-Paris, had passed away.

Christian was renowned for his research on ants. He studied ants throughout his career and he transmitted his passion to many students and to the general public through numerous exhibitions, tv, radio and cultural events.

In addition to his naturalist expertise, Christian developed many fascinating new directions in his chosen field, including reproduction in queenless ants, the evolution of the queen caste and colony founding, or, as in his most recent research, on morphological evolution.

He was an infatigable globetrotter who travelled throughout his life, often meeting many of us on the way. His friendly and dynamic personality will be greatly missed. Discussions with Christian, about science or any other topic were always a pleasure.

Our thoughts go to his family.

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