Richard Dorrell CR CNRS

Séminaire de Richard Dorrell

A horizontal view of algal evolution across time and space

Richard G. Dorrell, CR CNRS, Institut de Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure
(IBENS), Paris

Since their endosymbiotic origins over a billion years ago, eukaryotic
algae have diversified into a wide range of forms and marine and
terrestrial milieux. I study the deep origins, environmental
diversification, and physiological functions of eukaryotic algae,
focussing on lineages such as diatoms, haptophytes and dinoflagellates
with chloroplasts of secondary red endosymbiotic origin that dominate
contemporary aquatic ecosystems. This seminar will explore how these
species have been impacted by horizontal gene transfer, both in terms of
the ancient origins and biochemical peculiarities of their chloroplasts,
and the bio-geographical structuring of algal genomes in the context of
a heating ocean.

L'événement est terminé.


Mai 18 2022


14 h 00
iEES Paris


iEES Paris
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, Barre 44 – 45, 4e étage , salle de conférences– CC 237, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 PARIS


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