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Neuroethology of olfaction “NeO” Team

Team news Team publications Team members Our experimental and modelling studies aim at understanding the mechanisms involved in the recognition of the olfactory signal and its translation in a behavioural response adapted to the environment and the physiological state of insects.These studies concern the processes of sensory coding, from the chemo-electrical transduction in the olfactory receptor […]

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Chemoreception and Adaptation “CreA” Team

Team news Team publications Team members The team investigates the mechanisms of olfactory and gustatory reception in the peripheral sensory systems and their plasticity in a changing biotic and abiotic environment.We take into account the evolutionary, adaptive and ecophysiological / ecotoxicological contexts. Our questions are : What are the chemical landscapes the insects leave in ? […]

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Sensory Ecology Department “Ecosens”

Department teams Department news Department publications Members of department Animals use their chemical senses – olfaction and taste – to interpret their environment and to adapt to new ecological niches. Insects appear as ideal models to decipher the molecular and neurobiological bases of these chemical senses and to investigate their importance at the individual and […]

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